Family of Umar bin Khattab

Umar bin Khattab married a total of 9 women in his lifetime and had 14 children, 10 sons and 4 daughters.

Wife: Zaynab bint Maz’un

  • Son: Abdullah ibn Umar
  • Son: Abdulrahman ibn ‘Umar
  • Son: Abdulrahman ibn ‘Umar
  • Daughter: Hafsa bint Umar

Wife: Umm Kulthum bint Jarwila Khuzima

  • Son: Ubaidullah ibn Umar
  • Son: Zayd ibn ‘Umar

Wife: Quraybah bint Abi Umayyah al-Makhzumi

Wife: Umm Hakim bint al-Harith ibn Hisham

  • Daughter: Fatima bint ‘Umar

Wife: Jamilah bint Asim ibn Thabit ibn Abi al-Aqlah

  • Son: Asim ibn Umar

Wife: Atikah bint Zayd ibn Amr ibn Nufayl

  • Son: Iyaad ibn ‘Umar

Wife: Umm Kulthum bint ‘Ali

  • Son: Zayd ibn ‘Umar, (famously known as Ibnul Khalifatayn; the son of the two Caliphs i.e Umar and Ali)
  • Daughter: Ruqayyah bint ‘Umar

Wife: Luhyah (a woman from Yemen)

  • Son: Abdulrahman ibn ‘Umar

Wife: Fukayhah (as Umm Walad)

  • Daughter: Zaynab bint ‘Umar

Another son is, az-Zubayr ibn Bakkar, called Abu Shahmah, though from which wife is unknown.


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